Music & Tech Notes – March 14

We are rapidly coming up to spring bring break. Which also means that we are rapidly approaching the Lewis School play. This year 4th & 5th graders are putting on Baker Street Irregulars. I think it will be a great production. Performances are Thrusday and Friday night March 23rd & 24th. With the play comes a change in the after school music schedule next week and this week. Here what it looks likes:
March 16: Brass during lunch recess; no after school class
March 17: Boomin’ Beats 3-4PM
March 21: No Woodwinds rehearsal
March 23: No Brass rehearsal
March 24: No Boomin’ Beats rehearsal

Music & Tech Notes – February 27

I first want to give a big thanks to the PTA and Lonesome Teacher Trio & Friends for making last Friday’s family dance such a success. Looking back, we all think that was the best attended Family Dance ever! Thanks to all for coming out and it making such a special night.
My family and I have been hit hard by sickness these past two weeks, much like many in our Lewis community. This has meant lots of missed rehearsals. I do apologize for all the last minute schedule changes these past two weeks. I’m hoping that things will now be back to normal.
Band – We are working page 11; Etudes 38, 39, & 40.
Recorder Club – I will have that new packet of songs for you Thursday.
Play Orchestra – Only a month until performances!
Boomin Beats – See you Friday!

Music & Tech Notes – February 20

This is a short week.
There will be no Play Orchestra practice on Wednesday, 2/22. The next practice will be Monday 2/27.
As for 5th Grade Band, we are meeting as usual this week. We’ll be finishing page 10 of our books in class and I will be assigning the first half of page 11 for next week.
Boomin’ Beats will be meeting at our regular time on Friday. That’s all for this week!

Speaking of Friday, that is the day, or more accurately the night to the Lewis Family Dance. This dance features two former Lewis teachers, Paul Colvin and Matt Marchyok, and friend playing guitar and fiddle while we dance circle, line and square dances. The night is put on by the Lewis PTA and servers as a fundraiser for next year’s science camp. Please come out for some family fun and to support our Lewis students. It runs from 6:30-8:00PM and costs $2.00/per person or $6.00 per family.
That’s all for this week!

Music & Tech Notes – February 6

An actual full week of school! Yes, I’m excited.

They play orchestra will meet Monday and Wednesday after school. Remember to bring a good snack as rehearsals run 2 hours.

Band students, I’ll be assigning page 10 of our method book this week. Please prepare No. 29, 30 & 32.

Recorder Club will meet on Thursday where we will learn the 3rd song in our packet “Possum Trot”.

The Boomin’ Beats will meet Friday. Looking forward working with them after not meeting for almost two weeks.

Music & Tech Notes – January 29

Band students please finish page 9 our method book. There is no Boomin Beats this week as Friday is a teacher planning day. Recorder Club, our recorders are finally here! I will pass them out at Thursday morning’s rehearsal. Don’t miss it! Finally I will begin meeting with the play orchestra on Monday and Wednesday. I’m excited to get to work with these students. It will be an intense and fun eight weeks. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish.

Music & Tech Notes – January 23

I am really looking forward to a full week of school. Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow, I just wish snow didn’t mean missed school days. There is so much going on right now.

This week I’m looking forward to meeting with both Tuesday and Thursday’s 5th grade band groups. Both groups are working on etudes 22-24 on page 9 in our method books. This is a good time to re-commit to a weekly practice schedule. I recommend 15 minutes three times a week. Remember it is better to practice more often, than one long practice weekly.

Thursday morning will also bring Recorder Club. As of Friday our recorders have still not arrived. Talking with Tracy in the office, many of our UPS packages have been delayed due to weather at the beginning of the month. My hope is that the recorders arrive before this Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Friday brings the Boomin’ Beats. It will be our 3rd rehearsal and already the group is making great strides.

This week also starts the audition process for the annual Lewis School play. This year’s production will be The Baker Street Irregulars put on by Lewis 4th & 5th graders directed by Mr. Tori with assistance from Ms. Angela and Mr. Colvin. I’ll be putting together a play orchestra to round out the production. You can follow our progress at

The game’s afoot!

Music & Tech Notes – November 28

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and ready for the last fun filled weeks of 2016!
This week all band groups will be meeting at their regular times. If you have not completed a band instrument rental slip and payed your rental fee, please do so by the end of this week. I need to have all money in by the end of the month. You can find the rental contract or pay using School pay at the following website:

Boomin’ Beats – I will be talking with each class about the Boomin’ Beats this week. I will then have the online sign up sheet open at the end of the school day Friday and will leave it open until we go on Winter Break. The Boomin Beats does have a limit of 40 students. Slots are filled in order of registration. When full, additional students will then be placed on a wait list. Boomin Beats will start on the first Friday in January after Winter Break. You can find more out about The Boomin Beats on my website:

3rd Grade Recorder Club – I will also be talking with all 3rd graders this week about Recorder Club. Recorder Club is open to all 3rd graders at Lewis. No previous recorder experience is necessary. Like the Boomin Beats, an online sign-up will be posted through my website starting Friday after school. There is a 25 student limit to Recorder Club and slots are filled by order the registration is received. You can read more about the Recorder Club on my website: